Rent To Own houses in Arkansas, USA

In recent years, the idea of a rent-to-own home has become popular in some states. 

These homes are sold at low cost to people who may not be able to afford purchasing or renting a home outright. The buyer makes monthly payments (rent) until they have paid off their balance and then they own the property outright. 

In Arkansas, there are several agencies that offer this service including: The Housing Authority of Pulaski County - Low Income Section; Habitat for Humanity ReStore; and Rebuilding Together Central Arkansas. Some sellers will even allow you to purchase an option term where you can buy your house later if you cannot get financed now. This type of agreement is also called "lease with right to buy."

When you are looking for rent-to-own homes in Arkansas, remember it is a very competitive market and you will need to compete with other cash buyers who may be able to close the deal faster. Often times sellers will require that you have your financing lined up before they accept any offers from potential buyers.


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    72301, Van Buren, West Memphis, Crittenden, Arkansas
    3 Bd, 2 Baths
    $180 per month
    72461, Highway 49, Rector, Clay, Arkansas
    3 Bd, 1 Baths
    $210 per month
    72204, Maple, Little Rock, Pulaski, Arkansas
    1 Baths
    $309 per month
    72013, Old Dug, Bee Branch, Van Buren, Arkansas
    $570 per month
    72401, Kitchen, Jonesboro, Craighead, Arkansas
    2 Bd, 1 Baths
    $599 per month
    72401, Olive, Jonesboro, Craighead, Arkansas
    2 Baths
    $935 per month
    72401, Rogers, Jonesboro, Craighead, Arkansas
    3 Bd, 2 Baths
    $1007 per month
    72010, Baldridge, Bald Knob, White, Arkansas
    $1013 per month
    72769, Highway 59, Summers, Washington, Arkansas
    3 Bd, 2 Baths
    $1559 per month
    71909, Isla Mujeres, Hot Springs Village, Saline, Arkansas
    3 Bd, 2 Baths
    $1724 per month
    72202, 3Rd, Little Rock, Pulaski, Arkansas
    2 Bd, 2 Baths
    $1948 per month
    72207, University, Little Rock, Pulaski, Arkansas
    3 Bd, 2 Baths
    $2095 per month
    72019, Highway 70, Benton, Saline, Arkansas
    6 Bd, 4 Baths
    $2158 per month
    71913, 14601468 Airport Rd, Hot Springs National Park, Garland, Arkansas
    $3292 per month
    72712, Se J St, Bentonville, Benton, Arkansas
    $6745 per month

Some benefits of living in Arkansas are:

- The cost of living is lower than the national average. 

- There are more opportunities for employment with the variety of industries. 

- The climate is mild and comfortable year round. 

- There are a variety of outdoor activities available such as hiking, fishing, boating, camping, skiing, and golfing. 

- There are several colleges and universities throughout the state with top rated programs to help you achieve your goals.

- The state is rich in history and culture with many museums and historical areas to visit. 

- There are several major cities where you will find diverse dining, shopping, and entertainment options. 

Do you want to buy a home in Arkansas?

Buying a home in Arkansas can be very rewarding. There are many benefits that come with the purchase such as: having stability, being able to call your house your own, and even tax benefits. You will have to work hard to make sure you get the home at an affordable price. One of the safest ways is to buy a fixer upper for less money upfront and put in the work yourself. This will allow you more control over the decisions you make on what needs work. You'll also want to take into consideration things like schools, cost of living, crime rates, or proximity to family and friends when looking for a new home. 

How much does it cost to live in Arkansas?

Arkansas has a cost of living that is lower than the national average. A two-bedroom condo in Fayetteville costs $40000, while in Seattle it would be over $800000.

The cost of living decreases as you move farther out from the metropolitan areas of Stuttgart, Texarkana, and Jonesboro. The closer you are to these locations, the higher the cost of living increases due to increased rent rates and utility costs. 

There are many other factors to consider when looking into the cost of living such as: housing, food and groceries, utilities, transportation, health care costs. It is important to budget your finances accordingly in order to live comfortably. 




Which neighborhoods in Arkansas are popular?

The city of Stuttgart has a population of approximately 21,200 people. Located in the Ozarks, the weather is pleasant and the cost of living is low.

Research has concluded that these neighborhoods are popular due to the affordable homes as well as great schools and job opportunities. 

These communities are known for having excellent schools, low crime rates, and great weather. There are also a variety of outdoor activities you can take part in like hiking, fishing, boating, golfing, skiing and more. 

Arkansas is home to over 12 colleges and universities that include: University of Arkansas; University of Arkansas at Little Rock; Arkansas State University; Southern Arkansas University; Henderson State University; Ouachita Baptist University, and many more. 

There are also a number of technical schools that offer programs in fields such as: business and technology, construction trades, cosmetology/barbering, culinary arts, health related services, and more. 

There are many top notch schools that prepare you for your career path as well as offer courses to further your education. The Arkansas Department of Higher Education helps students with the transition from high school to college by offering information on financial aid opportunities like grants and scholarships. 

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